Photo by Michelle Remeny
Connection is something many of us are seeking. Whenever we look for it from an external source, we disconnect from ourselves. We are already connected, so it's more of a question of whether you're aware of a sense of connection. Disconnection is merely a thought, a feeling. Connection is always there, but we may not be aware of it for a variety of reasons.

Connection to yourself is the first step to take to increase your awareness. Meditation, doing breath work, taking care of your body, taking care of your household . . . these all work to strengthen your connection to yourself. Grounding exercises are very important, as well. Feeling your roots, sending them down through the soles of your feet and base of your spine, and sending any negative energy into the earth and allowing nature to transmute it into something positive is key to clearing yourself. And it's important to keep yourself clean and clear energetically if you want to be fully connected to yourself, and consequently, to Source.

When you're fully connected to yourself, you'll tap into your innate wisdom, your intuition, and a fountain of creative ideas to bring you into alignment with joy and happiness. A sense of security in a world of insecurity, a feeling of unconditional love in a world of conditions, a feeling of permanence in a world of transition. All of this is found within yourself when you connect with who you truly are.

Befriending your fears, embracing the shadows of your personality, and stepping into the unknown can be freeing. You get to explore your feelings and get to know yourself at the deepest levels. This gives you the permission to try new things, break free of old patterns, and shift into a new way of living. Because once you connect to yourself, it's really hard to deny yourself the gift of your love and attention. And this is where you find the unconditional love, security, and sense of permanence that you've been seeking.