Photo by Zepure Arman Fernandes
When times are tumultuous and it's uncertain what to do, I usually recommend stillness.

It's challenging to be still when all you want to do is take action. Our initial instinct is to respond, to act, or to do in some way. We're often measured by our actions, which usually translate into accomplishments and results. This is what determines many aspects of our lives, including our work/career, social standing, and our egoic sense of self.

But what happens when you take action and the outcome is not as expected? When you've done all you can and can't think of anything more to do to move a given situation forward. When taking further action will cause problems or waste energy. Or when you simply feel stuck and stagnant.

Be still. (I know. It's hard. But really, it's easy.) Just be still.

As with meditation, the quiet is essential for the answers to come. Sometimes you have to stop buzzing around for the universe to meet you. If you have a lot going on in your mind, or if you're just busy running around living your life at today's societal pace, it can be challenging to connect to universal energy, that masterful source of loving, healing energy. If you're having trouble connecting to it, then it's likely that the universe is having trouble connecting with you.

Stillness provides a blank canvas for the universe to begin lining up opportunities. In stillness, you can be aware. You can take note. You can be inspired. You can observe your world in a detached way, noticing what brings you joy and fulfillment versus pain and suffering. You can determine your priorities based on what gives you energy and what drains it. You can connect to your inner divine spark, to discover your worth and your purpose.

Stillness should not be confused with inaction. I highly recommend using the time of stillness to examine yourself and your life. If there is something obvious that needs to change, it will be highlighted in the stillness. It's up to you when to shift and make an improvement or cut out what no longer serves you. Being present and mindful is key to seeing the highlights and rearranging your priorities accordingly. Do grounding exercises if you're living too much in your mind: go for walks in nature, sing and dance, and really live in your body.

Inevitably, the stillness will shift. The magic within you, the wonder of the universe, and many other forces will align to bring you to the next move. Refreshed and renewed from stillness, the calm having nourished and reenergized you, you're ready for whatever that may be.